Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Dear You,

I got a missed call today from our lawyers office and it was her, letting us know we'd been matched again.
Daddy and I haven't been submitting like crazy.
We've applied for a few stork drops, but nothing hurried, nothing rushed.
We've been taking a little break, letting our hearts heal.
We've been waiting, knowing that the right baby, sweet little you, was out there too we just had to be patient and wait for you.
That you would find us.
And today, I got the call we've been waiting for .
9:04 am.
By 9:05 I was a mom of three again, three little boys all in a row.
You're due in February, and we got ultrasound photos of you already.
The tech had wrote "hello mommy and daddy" on the photo, which is only to appropriate.
I imagine your big brown eyes.
I'd been asking Finley latley, what if his brother was a sister? And he told me no. "No mama. He's a brother. And he's going to match me." he would say confidently.
How smart he is that big brother of yours.
You are a brother, and you have two older ones who already love you so.
We can't wait to meet you little man.
Finley keeps telling me he thinks you got lost. He wonders when you're going to hurry up and get here. Don't hurry too fast. Stay nice and cozy and grow big and healthy. But little man of mine, as you grow and stretch and develop eyelashes, know that you're being thought about and loved from afar.

Hugs and Kisses.


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