Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shopping may not cure the missing, but it helps.

Dear Sweet little,

Mama's been keeping herself busy searching for clothes for you and your brother.
Shopping may not be the cure, but it is a good remedy for all the missing we're doing over here.
Waiting has never been my strong point,
and waiting for two of my babies to get here is making me lonesome and anxious.
My arms ache and I wonder if you're being held, rocked, kissed.
Finley laughs and I wonder if you've smiled yet, and if that smile has dimples like his.
I wonder if you've seen the sun , or if you're still growing in your birth mama's womb like your brother is in mine.
We miss you lots and love you just as much.
I can't wait to cuddle you in my arms and whisper in your ears that you are where you belong.
All my love.

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